Our growing business is led by an exceptional and experienced senior management team with a strong mix of finance, banking, commercial vehicle, bus and coach and fleet management expertise and we pride ourselves on the quality and professionalism of our team. we have an exceptional senior management team with extensive industry experience and an

We attract individuals and staff who match our core values of passion for success, pride in our efforts and promises delivered. Our approach is entirely focused on earning your trust and retaining your business by meeting your specific needs.

Our leadership team and customer-facing staff are listed below. We are proud to say they are supported by an exceptional team of group support staff (not listed).

Our Group Leadership Team

Willie Paterson
Chief Executive

Douglas McArthur
Chief Finance Officer

David Potter
Managing Director, Contract Hire and Leasing

James Jenkins
Managing Director, Truck and Trailer Sales

Michael Bycroft
Managing Director, Bus & Coach and Asset Funding

Darren Fitzpatrick
Sales Director, Bus and Coach

Adrian Lannon
Group Operations Director

Grant Law
Group Marketing Director

David Crawford
Group Finance Director

Group Fleet Director

Group Risk Director

Ian Padley
Head of Group Fleet Management

Richard Burchell
Group Credit and Risk Manager

Our Sales, Service and Relationship Managers

Contract Hire and Leasing

Paul Wright
Sales Director

Steve Martin
Senior BDM, South

Lee Tearle
BDM, South

Andy Croft
BDM, North

Andy Voce
BDM, Traffic Management

Gavin Baines
Procurement Manager

Michael Denham
Rental Manager

Kerry Anne Grogan
Rental Manager

Truck and Trailer Sales

James Jenkins
Sales Director

Lee Smith
Sales Director, Hanbury Riverside

Adrian Beese
Sales Manager

Adam Holbutt
Sales Executive

Tristan Perry
Sales Executive

Josh Langford
Sales Executive

Jim Farrell
Sales Manager

John Scott
Sales Executive

Phil Holmes
Procurement and Disposals Manager

Bus and Coach

Michael Bycroft
Managing Director

Darren Fitzpatrick
Sales Director

Phillip Gwyther
Key Accounts Manager

General Asset Funding

Tamsin Hodges
Sales Manager, Asset Finance

Sarah Reid
Sales Executive, Asset Finance

Fleet Management

Group Fleet Director

Ian Padley
Head of Fleet

John Harrison
Fleet Manager

Chris Bate
Fleet Manager